Jade Lucky Properties

Jade Lucky Gemstones and Mystical-healing Properties

By Charles L Harmon

The name “jade” is derived from the Spanish term “piedra de ijada”, meaning “loin stone”. Ancient man was been working with and using jade over 7,000 years ago. In prehistoric times jade’s strength made it a natural choice for crafting tools and weapons. Jade was revered as the stone of balance, harmony, love and inner peace to the Ancient Egyptians.

In Central America the Aztec, Mayan and Olmec peoples held jade in high esteem, even higher than gold. The Maoris of New Zealand began carving weapons and cult artifacts from jade many centuries ago. That’s still a tradition today.


Value of Jade

In 1997 Christie’s in London sold a jadeite necklace for $10 million. About two years later In 1999 a jade bracelet was auctioned by Christie’s in Hong Kong for a remarkable price of $2.5 million. That was a record for the quality and size of jade. Also a 77 carat cabochon ring was sold for US$2.4 million.


Jade Mystical-healing Properties

There was a legend claiming Buddha’s tears were pure jade. That may be behind the theory that jade can treat eye disorders. Here are some of the many claims and superstitions regarding jades extraordinary powers:

* Jadeite is universally thought to bring good fortune and longevity
* To Aztec, Maya, Olmec, so important and magical, only royalty could possess it. It was also    said to instill protection.
* Jadeite is a good luck charm if you require luck – such as any type of gambling
* Chinese superstitions –
   – Jade butterflies symbolize love to a bride on her wedding day
   – a phoenix is often given to young girls coming of age
   – a jade padlock is given to children to protect them from all danger
   – symbolized the five highest virtues: benignity, lucidity, resonance, immutability and purity
   – associated the gemstone with the ruling class
* Green Jadeite is considered having one of the more powerful healing properties
* Useful in subduing an overactive 2nd Chakra
* Green Jadeite is an important gemstone of the Heart Chakra, or 4th Chakra
* Green Jadeite is important for relationships which require wisdom, cooperation and luck
* Ancient Americans associated Jadeite with royalty
* Said to ensure a long, lucky life
* Ancient Americans and Europeans attributed it the ability to cure kidney problems
* Sometimes said to help eye problems
* An amulet is said to protect a woman in childbirth
* Prevents nightmares and eye troubles
* Is a remedy for spleen, kidney, and digestive ailments
* Makes men fertile
* Brings success in games of chance.
* Brings rain
* Averts epilepsy
* Cures animal bites
* Jade placed on the eyelids or in the mouth of a dead person brings back their spirit to    another life on Earth
* Natural Healers use Jade to relieve grief and trauma, loneliness and improve sleep
* Put jade on a sore shoulder or back for healing
* A powerful gem for relaxation, it reduces stress
* Produces a serene or tranquil mood
* Offers physical and emotional well-being
* Helps us accept and deal with unpleasant or difficult situations


More Jade Superstitions

Taoist alchemist believed jade to be the Philosopher’s Stone, and drank elixirs of powdered jade. In the Han dynasty, emperors were buried in jade gowns and jade cicadas were placed on dead kings’ tongues to prevent decomposition and safeguard chi or energy.

jade tree jade luck

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In Chinese Culture jade stands for beauty, grace and purity. Jade is often referred to as a live stone due to its propensity to change color. It is said many Chinese believe that if the stone likes the wearer, it will grow a deeper, darker shade of green. Some believers who wear jade for protection and good luck attribute color change to the absorption of bad chi that would otherwise have affected them. Jade is also supposed to improve blood circulation.

Another Chinese superstition says jade can bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits, hence the popularity of jade pendants and bracelets. Some say that if the color of the jade darkens then the wearer will get rich, if it pales then they’ll get poorer.


* These properties were gathered from many sources
   the reader should verify these claims from several other sources


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