Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven – a Welcome Good Luck Charm

By Chitraparna Sinha

Almost all of us have heard about various superstitions prevailing in and around our lives. Superstitions have become a part of our everyday life and we have come across many of them through our entire stages of growing up. We have also come across many symbols and signs that have many different meanings related to them.

In order to interpret these various symbols and signs, understanding them in a proper way is very essential. They say that the spirits have different ways of communicating with the people of this world. One such way is the discovering of pennies or coins at odd places.

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It is a very common good luck superstition that says that when an angel is missing you, then she throws down a penny from the heavens. These pennies are generally found at very odd and unusual places where one had least expectations to find one. These pennies or coins are said to have been kept by angels or our loved ones. It might be also possible that they have been kept there by spirit guides or animals too.

It depends upon our personal belief as to what we think that the penny came from. One thing is certain that it does not matter from where the penny comes; the only thing which matters is that the penny is especially meant for you; having a personal significance solely for you. That’s a very welcome good luck charm you cannot overlook.


So, don’t pass by that penny, When you’re feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven, that an Angel’s tossed to you
– Charles Marshburn


The spirits are said to teach many important lessons of life through these various signs and symbols. Hence, this should not be ignored. Many a times it happens that someone keeps receiving pennies for many consecutive days. Receiving the same kind of signs and signals more than once indicates that there is some deep message stored in for you. It should never be shunned or avoided.

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Pennies have always been a sign of good luck for many people all over the world. The pennies that are found should be carefully kept in a safe place. There is another superstition relating to this also that losing a found penny would lead to many years of bad luck. The pennies which are found should be deeply observed because many a times, the date and other things engraved on it may also have some hidden meanings in them. These should be carefully studied as they may contain valuable clues instrumental for good luck..

Messages from spirits and other spiritual realms can drastically change one’s lives. Many of us ignore these messages just because we lack awareness in such matters. Just two simple steps of increasing one’s consciousness and widening the sense of awareness might change our life altogether as they are our mystical reminders as well as wake up calls to open opportunities for our future.


Look after the pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves
– English Proverb


There is a small poem in relation to this superstition which states that on seeing a penny it should be at once picked up to have good luck on your side on that particular day and if this penny is given away to someone then you will have about two days of luck on your side. The penny has always been regarded as a symbol of abundance by many from very ancient times.

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