Spider Superstitions


Spider Superstitions and Good Luck

By Cozee Cackel

The spider is one of the most popular animal symbols that are considered to be a sign of good luck by many cultures. This fact alone is enough to have created a lot of spider superstitions over the ages. The Christians regarded the spider as sacred because of the fact that they are believed of having the life of Christ at one time when he was an infant.

There are many spider superstitions that say that it brings bad luck if a spider is killed. It is a sign of good luck if there are spider cobwebs in the house. An old spider superstition says that catching a glimpse of a spider in the late afternoon or in the evening is also said to bring good omen.

An unlucky spider superstition says that seeing a spider early in the morning is considered to be unlucky. On the other hand the spider is also the symbol of mystery and power.

Some also believed the first true alphabet was formed from the patterns and angles in Spiders web, which have her considered as the teacher of language and writing. This makes the spider a strong guide for anyone who uses symbols and writing in performing magic.


Here are a few spider facts;

There are more than 30,000 kinds of spiders. Scientists believe there may be up to 50,000 to 100,000 different kinds of spiders.

  • Male spiders don’t build webs to catch their food; instead they are always looking for females to mate with.
  • A spider’s thread is stronger than the same thickness of steel.
  • Baby spiders can make perfect webs shortly after hatching.
  • There may be 1000 spider eggs in an egg sac the size of a pea.
  • There are people in South America who eat tarantulas.
  • Some spiders are smaller than the head of a pin but some are larger than a person’s hand.
  • Most common spiders have only 6 eyes, while some cave dwelling species have no eyes at all.


Native American Symbolism

Spider Superstitions - spider superstition

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In Native American symbolism it is believed to be a symbol of protection whereas the Indians regard it as something that has no form or limit. Other Native Americans believed the Spider was a symbol of protection against heavy storms. In yet other Native American lore accounts, the Spider, which is personified as the Grandmother, was the teacher and protector of esoteric wisdom.


Spider Symbolism in India

Spider symbolism in India is associated with Maya. The term Maya comes from the Sanskrit root “Ma” which means no form or limit. The term Maya describes the illusory nature of appearances. The Spider’s association with Maya brings about the understanding that not all things are as they appear to be.

In Greece the spider was sacred to Athena who was a goddess of wisdom and a moon goddess. In Egypt the spider represented Neith, the Divine Mother and also a moon goddess.


Spider symbolism

Another type of symbolism associated with the spider can be seen in her form. A spider’s body is made up of roughly a figure eight, which if laid on its side, is the symbol for infinity. Infinity is like the wheel of life, constantly flowing in a continuous cycle from one circle to the other. Spiders are also associated with death and rebirth, not only with the shape of their body but with the eating of the male after mating.

She is both a feminine and lunar energy. Her constant building of new webs has been tied by some to waxing and waning of the moon. The spider’s glistening web also has very strong symbolic meaning, signifying the tapestry of the universe and the infinite possibilities of creation.


Spider Superstitions

There are a lot of spider superstitions. Different countries have different superstitions and sometimes the meanings of the spider superstitions differ. But that is the case with many other types of superstitions. Here are a few general spider superstitions.


  • A spider in the afternoon is a sign of a gift; But a spider in the evening will all hopes uplift.
  • A spider is a repellent against plague when worn around the neck in a walnut shell.
  • A spider with syrup cures fever.
  • All spiders except tarantulas are omens of good luck. The larger the spider, the bigger the rewards.
  • An old saying about grass spiders: when there is dew on their webs in the lawn in the morning, it will be a beautiful day.
  • Finding a spider at midday – Anxiety
  • Finding a spider in the morning – Sorrow
  • Finding a Spider on the Wedding Dress is an Omen of Good luck!
  • If a spider builds its web across your door, you can expect company
  • If a spider crawls into your pocket, you can forget a business cash advance as you will always have money.
  • If a spider drops down in front of you from the ceiling and dangles, do not kill it. If the spider hangs and then goes back up to the ceiling, you are due for a run of good luck. If, however, the spider dangles and then drops, it foretells the sudden loss of a loved one or some other personally catastrophic event.
  • If a spider hangs over your head, you will get a letter.
  • If you see a spider climbing the wall you will have your dearest wish come true.
  • If you see a spider spinning a web you will have an increase in your income due to hard work.
  • If you step on a spider, you’ll bring on rain.
  • If you walk into a spider web, you will meet a friend that day.
  • Kill a spider, bad luck yours will be
    Until of flies you’ve swatted fifty-three.
  • Seeing a spider run down a web in the afternoon means you’ll take a trip.
  • Superstitious people probably don’t kill spiders because it has been unlucky since a spider spun a web over baby Jesus to hide him from Herod.
  • When spiders spin their webs ‘fore noon,
    Sunny weather’s coming soon.

Most Christians see spider webs as traps. Like Flies, people become ensnared in the webs. Spiders represent human fragility and a touch or enticement of evil. In some countries ideas about spiders are different, however, such as Germany, where spider webs are a part of Christmas tree decorations.

According to folklore, Spider realized what a glorious day Christ’s birth was. So She spun silver and gold webs on trees to show her faith and to glorify the Birth of the Lord. Many superstitions instruct people to never kill a Spider found in a house. The “house” spider is there to bring good luck and good fortune to the inhabitants.

Lots more can be said about spiders and spider superstitions. Ancient Romans carried spider charms to bring good luck in business. You too can wear spider charms to bring you good luck. Whether the spider be real or just a lucky spider charm it can symbolize good luck. Who knows, if you believe; that good luck just might happen to you.

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