Buddhism Luck


Buddhism Luck – a Good Luck Charm of the Ages

By Chitraparna Sinha

Buddhism – the Oldest Culture

Buddhism is the oldest culture and the fourth largest religion in the world. So Buddhism Luck or any luck associated with Buddhism is quite ancient. The founder of its principles and philosophy was Siddhartha Gautama who lived nearly 26 centuries ago in north eastern Indian subcontinent, which is now known as Nepal.

Buddhist ideals and ideas have guided innumerable people around the world. During his period of enlightenment, Buddha discovered three great truths of life. Firstly, nothing is lost in the universe; secondly, everything changes in life because the universe is not constant and thirdly, every action will have a reaction.


Buddha – Dharma – Sangha

The triple Jewel in Buddhism is – Buddha is the guide, Dharma is the path and Sangha are the teachers or companions along the way. One who follows the Noble Eightfold Path that is Right View, Thought, Speech, Conduct, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness and Right Concentration cultivates wisdom in life. Swastika is the graphical representation of eternity and is considered to be a good luck charm or bring Buddhism Luck to those who wear it. There are colors which represent cleanliness, holiness, purity and also the state or condition of mind.

In Japan, the Daruma Doll is considered to be the traditional Buddhism luck charm, fashioned after the Zen Monk Bodhidharma used in setting goals and wishing good luck. In Buddhism, meditation is defined as practice to control your emotions and to concentrate towards achieving spiritual progress.

Buddha Statue

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Buddha never preached his experiences but he wanted people to overcome from all these suffering by making themselves physically and mentally strong. There is nothing called good luck or bad luck, it is the game of mind and if you are pure from heart, honest, understanding, patience, loyal, generous and forgiving qualities in you, it will give you prosperity.


Buddhism Good Luck

Buddhism teaches that the one, who is deeply learned and skilled, well trained using well spoken words with his father mother, cherishes his wife and child and leads an honest, humble and simple life should be no less than “good luck”. The dictionary defines good luck as believing that whatever happens to a person in the course of his/her life is because of chance or fate.


Buddhism – Must Prepare for Luck

In Buddhism, luck is completely denied and redefined as everything that happens has a specific cause and there is some relationship between the cause and effect. The greed and the impatience towards achieving all the worldly luxury aspects of life makes the person suffer. To attain self contentment and satisfaction, one has to really work very hard on his emotions, body and mind. If one has to pass the examination of life, he has to prepare for it; without preparing, no luck can pass him in the examination.

Every aspect in Buddhism has its own importance and principles. The teaching of Buddha and his principles have enlightened people in all ways to lead a happy and peaceful life. Today, in the present situation, all the principles and aspects of life preached by Buddha are very essential because in order to progress and succeed faster, we are slowly forgetting our basic ethics of living. It is not just about any particular religion but it is all about the practical life.

Our good luck charm is to make a promise to ourselves that we shall follow the right path of living. This is the ideal Buddha luck charm and it doesn’t cost any money. So even though Buddhism luck really isn’t a part of Buddhism you can experience what we call luck in the West by following the principles of Buddhism.

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